About topwhatever

TopWhatever helps you make decisions by walking you through the process of creating a "decision matrix". Using the matrix, you can weigh your options against the criteria that are important to you.

Some decisions can get complicated quickly. The decisions you end up making can feel subjective rather than objective. TopWhatever helps you take things step by step. You end up with a decision that is sound, with the math to prove it.

The best way to understand how TopWhatever works is to view decisions that have already been made.

Benefits of an Account

  1. All of your decisions are archived to your user page for future reference. (see mine)
  2. Save incomplete decisions and finish them at a later time. (coming soon)
  3. Set decisions as private and keep them from being viewed in public streams. (coming soon)
  4. Any other cool stuff we do in the future will probably hinge on being a member.